Sunday, January 27, 2013

Matte Skittles and a few Black Stripes

From Friday night's manicure, only one nail on each hand survived the weekend unscathed! And oddly, both nails had the horizontal stripes. Odd!

And only one nail survived!

The ring finger on my left hand and the pinky on my right hand were the only ones not chipped and flaking after two days at work. I open latches a bunch at work and know those eat polish for dinner, right? I retrieved all the colors from last time and painted each remaining nail a solid color. That didn't look quite finished so I used my new topcoat NYC Matte Me Crazy and it looks all velvety now.

Matte Skittles and Striped

Left hand - I think I'll leave the ring finger shiny instead of mattifying it.

Matte Skittles and Striped

Right hand!

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